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LG Electronics is providing something that is better for home chefs with their kitchen portfolio which has been expanded and is led by a new over the range microwaves, a new premium slide in electric range, and a brand new line of French 4 door refrigerators that have unsurpassed usable shelf space, all designed to offer greater convenience and performance in the kitchen.

LG's line of premium kitchen products offer easier organization and access to better cooking performance with professional grade features, these new kitchen products have it all.

Innovations in the Refrigerator with French Doors

LG has introduced a brand new line of French 4 door models. The most recent addition has a capacity of almost 28 ft, however, it also has more usable shelf space than a refrigerator with 29 ft3 capacity. LG has also introduced innovations that permit more shelf space which provide greater access and organization for consumers:'

  • Ultra Large Capacity: LG offers consumers over 10% more storage with an ultra large capacity of almost 28 ft, which is among the largest in the industry, without taking up extra floor space in the kitchen.
  • Slim Space Plus Ice System: This is an enhanced version of LG's Space Plus Ice System refrigerator, which frees up additional storage space in the refrigerator door.
  • Two Bottom Freezer Drawers: The two freezer drawer system helps to keep consumers better organized.'The lower drawer is a separate freezer compartment is great for longer term storage and allows users to store larger items. The upper freezer drawer provides easy access to those frozen foods that consumers most often reach for.
  • LG's Ice Dispensing and Extra Tall Water Center: This center gives consumers the opportunity of filling assorted uniquely sized and shaped glasses and pitchers. Having a slide out pitcher rest and an easy access water tap, the height of the water dispenser area measures over 13', making it the tallest in the industry.
  • A Four Compartment Crisper System That Has Been Upgraded: This crisper system permits a more versatility way to store vegetable, canned beverages, and fruits. '

A French 4 door refrigerator has a capacity of almost 27 ft3 and features the innovations of two additional freezer drawers. '

  • Converta Freezer Drawer: This innovation gives the ability to convert the top freezer drawer into a refrigerator drawer in case extra refrigerator space should be required.
  • Auto Open/Close Drawers: This function allows users to automatically open and close bottom freezer drawers at the touch of a button, which makes it easier to unload groceries or access food.

Slide in Electric Range

LG's first slide in electric range has high performance features and premium styling that make it easier to achieve great cooking results:

  • Large Capacity: These ranges have capacity of 5.4 ft which is among the largest that are currently in the slide in category. They also provide the flexibility to cook more items at the same time.
  • True Dual Convection Fans: The true dual convection fans have three different settings that disperse evenly the heat throughout the oven for quicker pre heating and more uniform baking.
  • Baking Drawer: This baking drawer is separate and enhances the versatility with an additional cooking space. This drawer can be used for baking and preparing meals.
  • Split Rack: This split rack design provides added convenience for consumers.
  • Sophisticated Styling: LG's design is award winning and includes Intuitouch controls, and sleek handles.

Microwave Ovens That Are Over the Range

New microwave oven innovations complement LG's products and are designed to provide more convenience and cooking performance in the kitchen.'

  • Extenda Vent: All chefs at home will appreciate the ventilation power of LG's new microwave ovens that have Extenda Vent. Although the front burners are where consumers do the majority of cooking, most microwaves only cover only the back burners of the stove top. With increased suction efficiency, this slide out canopy covers the entire cooking surface to better eliminate odors and smoke that are created during cooking.
  • Quiet Power Ventilation System: LG makes cooking even more enjoyable with the addition of a powerful ventilation of 400 CFMs that does the job quietly.
  • Warming Lamp: LG is expanding its popular Warming Lamp technology to two new microwaves this year. The microwave's warming mode can be set at a pre determined temperature for as much as 90 minutes.
  • Sensor Cook: This feature helps to eliminate the guesswork in cooking. This technology senses humidity and determines when the food is done and then turns off the microwave automatically to prevent under or over cooking meals, and automatically adjusts the power level and cooking time for exceptional cooking results.

The future of laundry is high efficiency front loading washers and super efficient condensing vent less dryers. These laundry appliances save maintenance costs, construction time, energy, and water. The combination washers and dryers made by LG Appliances automatically dry clothes in a single appliance. The LG stackable units pair the world's best washer with a separate condensing, vent less dryer. They provide the same dry quality, time, and market appeal as conventional equipment while using 1/3 of the energy of vented dryers.'


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